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BILGEBIRDS is a turn-based naval strategy game in which you play seven spunky birds defending their archipelago from a host of Krakens. 

Flock with a colorful cast of characters, from the eccentric Parrot to the sarcastic Crow. Your bird crew can even move to crew different ships - you are birds, after all!

Command a fleet of ships with deep strategic elements including wind speed and currents. If you're willing to take a bit of damage, ramming can be incredibly effective!

Watch out for procedurally-generated islands and obstacles on your voyage - the seas are vast, but they aren't empty. Rocks will ruin your hull!

Take up arms against the fearsome Krakens or against a fleet of pirate birds commanded by a friend in Pirate Mode.

Install instructions

Unzip the folder wherever you keep your games and run the .exe to play.


BilgeBirds.zip 24 MB

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